Judge Mulling Whether 12 Year Old Fairfield Girl Competent To Stand Trial 

It’s now up to a judge to decide whether a 12-year-old Fairfield girl is competent to stand trial for manslaughter. Police say the girl suffocated a 3-month-old baby in 2012.

For the third time, prosecutors are asking a judge to decide if the 12-year-old girl charged with killing Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway is competent to stand trial. She was twice found not competent last year.

The baby was staying overnight at the home of girl’s mother, who was babysitting her. The infant’s mother said she was told by state police investigators that there were traces of a medication prescribed to the defendant in the baby’s system. the medical examiner ruled the baby died of suffocation.

The judge must determine whether or not the 12-year-old is able to understand the charges against her, the ramifications of those charges, and whether or not she can assist her attorney in her own defense.

“The whole purpose of the juvenile code is to rehabilitate juveniles. It’s not punitive, it’s not designed for punishment, it’s designed for rehabilitation and also with that the goal of public safety. So you try to balance those together,” said Assistant Attorney General Bill Stokes.

The defendant in the case is the youngest person to be charged with manslaughter in Maine in the past 25-years.

“Whenever you have a juvenile of that age it does present unique issues. thank goodness it doesn’t happen that frequently in our state. We are very thankful for that. It raises questions and challenges that need to be addressed by the court. The fact that she is so young you know is challenging all of us in terms of making sure we do the right thing,” Stokes said.

The girl’s attorney asked the judge to dismiss the case outright. There is no timetable on when we can expect the judge’s ruling.