Fire Station Damages Caused By Nearby Demolition Crew 

A major demolition project going on in Old Town caused some damage to a fire station today.

The former Old Town Canoe factory is being torn down and is next to the Central Fire Station.

The demolition company had one building left to destroy which is directly next door to the fire station.

We’re told that building came down prematurely and a wall collapsed onto the side of the fire station.

No injuries were reported.

Crews evacuated the fire trucks from the garage while damage was assessed…

Fire Chief Steve O’Malley: “Basically we had some structural damage a little bit. We had a fire escape as you saw, on the outside torn off the building. We have some cracks in the cinderblock masonry. Ordinary construction going up the side of the building, and I have a couple structural engineers here taking a look to make sure that we’re safe in the building and we can put our apparatus back inside.”

Two windows in the side of the firehouse were blown out.

The fire chief says the construction company is fully cooperating and will be assisting them with repairs.

old town damage