NesCOM Students Question Gubernatorial Candidate Eliot Cutler 

Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Eliot Cutler was on campus Wednesday.

And students had some tough questions, from healthcare to the state’s aging population.

The latter is the reason Cutler says candidates need to reach out to young people.

“They look at our incomes in Maine that are forty percent below the rest of New England, 25 percent below the rest of the country. And they need to be encouraged and persuaded to stay in Maine,” said Cutler.

Student panelists said they’d like more opportunities to meet candidates and ask them questions.

“There’s a lot of times where candidates aren’t held accountable, and the public doesn’t really get to ask them the question. And if they do, they just get the PR answer,” said Dustin Wood, a marketing and communications major.
“You can’t hide under a blanket and end up being a good governor. Not in my view,” said Cutler.

Students found the discussion useful in bringing politics into focus.

“You don’t get to hear from a candidate every day. So to hear the things they want to bring to Maine is very special,” said sports journalism major Alyssa Thurlow.

“It shows that everything you’ve been learning from here on out is actual real life. It’s not just go look in your textbook and four years ago this happened,” said Tyler Stack, a sports journalism major. “This is the future of Maine.”