Moore Charged With Murder in Infant Death 

A Bangor man has been formally charged with murder in the death of a 5-month old boy.

Police say Samuel Moore, 25, was Korbyn Antworth’s babysitter.

Korbyn died March 5th at Eastern Maine Medical Center, one day after being taken to the hospital from a home on Griffin Rd. in Bangor.

The Penobscot County Grand Jury indicted Moore on charges of depraved indifference murder, manslaughter, and aggravated assault

According to court documents released today, Moore told police, “That while in a panic on Tuesday and trying to revive Korbyn, he did shake him.”

And they say while Moore was being arrested, he, “Stated that he did not understand why he was being arrested. He admitted that he was responsible for what happened to Korbyn but added that it was not intentional.”

The documents also say that once at the jail, Moore said he had not told the truth earlier, saying “When he was tossing Korbyn around and at that point, Korbyn’s older brother struck him in the groin, he dropped Korbyn approximately six feet and he was not caught and did strike the floor. ¬†Moore said that he then choked Lucas out of anger.”

Investigators say the baby had bleeding of the brain, eleven rib fractures and optic nerve damage, injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome.