“Hacktivate” Inspires Social Activity Through Electronics 

“Hacktivate” is an after-school group in Thorndike, geared towards encouraging kids with an interest in electronics to pursue their passion while also making social connections

On Tuesday, familiar Super-Nintendo tunes, soldering iron smoke, and a room full of electronically inspired middle and high school students, filled room M-111 of Mount View High School.

The group works on projects related to web programming, circuit building, and robotics.

Local programmer Garrett Wilkin and co-founder Ben Schrader oversee the weekly meeting of the minds.

The duo is also behind the Maine Hack Club, a similar organization for adults.

The two would like to expand the program into other districts. Their goal is simple.

“Help our nerds develop their skills and find their community,” said Wilkin.

For more information on their after school and summer-camp programs visit, and