Senior Watch March 24, 2014 

Dr. Clifton Guthrie talks about a presentation on a very sensitive subject.

Monday, March 31, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Richard E. Dyke Center for Family Business Husson University

1 College Circle, Bangor ME 04401-2929 |

Presenter: Marvin M. Ellison, Ph.D.

Marvin M. Ellison is an ethicist and author whose most recent book is titled Making Love Just: Sexual Ethics for Perplexing Times (Fortress Press, 2012).

Is It Still Adultery If The Spouse Has Alzheimer’s? Rethinking Fidelity and Relational Integrity

A hard ethical line has traditionally been drawn between monogamy and non-monogamy. Ethically sound marriages are marked by monogamy, sexual exclusivity, and permanence. Because of the widespread cultural practice of divorce and remarriage, the ideal of lifelong intimate partnership remains, but many people practice what may be called serial monogamy. It is not unusual for people over the course of a lifetime to have two or more marital partners although, granted, only one at a time. Even with this cultural change, fidelity as sexual exclusivity is a settled expectation, or is it?

What does fidelity mean, and how do we maintain relational integrity in our intimate connections?

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