Colder with Sun to Start the Week 

Colder temperatures will move in for the next couple of days as a high pressure system shifts into our area. The good news is the high will be bringing us some sunshine for the first half of the workweek. The bad news is that it looks like more snow is on the way.


Overnight tonight we’ll see the low that brought us some light snow today exiting the region. We’ll have partly cloudy skies to start the day on Sunday. Highs Sunday will be slightly below seasonable levels. By Monday things will be much colder with highs back into the upper teens and low 20s. It will be mostly sunny though with the high pressure shifting closer to New England. Tuesday looks mostly sunny with highs back into the 20s and low 30s. We’ll see increasing clouds by Tuesday night as the high shifts off to our south and east and a low pressure system enters the region.


This is the storm that you may have been hearing about lately. At this time it looks like snow will develop overnight into the day on Wednesday. It looks like things will stay completely snow with this event and that the snow will continue through the day on Wednesday wrapping up overnight into Thursday. It’ll be a coastal storm with the center of the low over the Atlantic. The closer you are to the low pressure center (coastal locations), the more snow you’ll see. Things clear out and we’ll see some sun by Thursday afternoon.


*Now I’m gonna throw some science at you because I have a little extra time tonight and I got some positive feedback last time I did this. Feel free to skip this part if what you’ve read so far satisfies your interest in the weather forecast for now, but this is about the snowfall totals so you may just want to read on… Looking at the latest numerical model data (as of about 7:30pm Saturday) I’m not seeing an epic storm for us. Yes, it will be windy, and yes there will be snow. But blizzard conditions, I’m not sure I’m buying it. Looking at QPF data (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast – read: how much liquid is there in the atmosphere) it doesn’t look so promising. The GFS spits out 0.22” for BGR and 0.30” for BHB and the Euro has BGR (Bangor) at 0.33” and BHB (Bar Harbor) at 0.64. The temps will be well below 0°C (32°F) so it’ll be plenty cold here and aloft, which could give us snowfall : moisture ratios of 15:1 to 20:1. This all means the coast could see 6-10”. As for the Bangor area, 3”-6”. Farther north or west, even less. There will be blowing and drift, especially at the coast, so of course travel will still be tricky and messy.


Now that all being said, a subtle shift in the track of the storm and you know what could happen. If it shifts slightly east we’ll get less, if it shifts slightly west, I’ll hire a bodyguard because you’ll be after my head (if you’re no tired of hearing my talk about snow already).


Tonight: Lows 14° – 24° with partly cloudy skies.


Sunday: Highs 26° – 34° with partly sunny skies.


Monday: Highs 17° – 23° with mostly sunny skies.


Tuesday: Highs 26° – 32° with sunny skies during the day and increasing clouds in the evening. Snow develops overnight.


Wednesday: Highs 26° – 33° with snow, heaviest along the coast. Snow wrap up overnight.


Thursday: Highs 25° – 31° with clearing skies.


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