Scouts Sell Cookies to Fund NY Trip

Terry Stackhouse

Updated 9 months ago

You can find just about anything at Walmart but you might have trouble finding one particularly tasty treat on the shelves.

That’s why Girl Scouts from Levant decided to sell their world-famous cookies at the Bangor store’s entrance Friday.

They’re raising money for a trip to New York.

They also collected money for their local food pantry.

  • Rod McDonald

    Over the years Girl Scout cookies have shrunk in size as well as getting costlier. This has happened to all of our food. I wish you could compare the size of a five cent Milky Way in my day, to a $1.10 Milky Way of today. Scouts, Boy or Girl, are usually well mannered kids. Drug free, and friendly. I’d pay $10.00 per box for these cookies if the price ever rose to that level, With the pride of knowing that I was helping such deserving kids.