Supreme Court Rules On Nurse’s License Revocation 

A nurse from Steuben who had his license revoked will get a chance to present his case to a judge again after a ruling today from Maine’s highest court.

John Zablotny was a nursing supervisor at DownEast Community Hospital in Machias when a 61 year old man was discharged during a snowstorm in 2008. The man’s body was later found in a snowbank near the hospital.

The Maine State Board of Nursing revoked Zablotny’s license for two years and fined him $1500.

Zablotny appealed to the courts, but a judge agreed with the nursing board’s ruling.

However, the Maine Supreme Court says the judge only used the nursing board’s findings and should have allowed Zablotny to present evidence to the court.

The case has been sent back to the lower court.