Father of Man Who Died Sues Bangor Police, Taser Company

Catherine Pegram

Updated 10 months ago

The father of a man who authorities say was on bath salts when Bangor police used a stun gun on him has filed a lawsuit for the wrongful death of his son.

Phillip McCue, 28, of Bangor died in September of 2012, five days after police subdued him with a Taser during an altercation.

His father’s lawyer tells TV5 the lawsuit is asking for more than $6 million, on behalf of McCue’s young son.

Court documents say the estate of Phillip McCue is suing the police department, the city, officers, emergency responders and the Taser company.

The suit says authorities used excessive force on McCue and failed to give him proper medical care.

The Attorney General’s office ruled last year that Bangor Police officers were justified when they used on stun gun on McCue because he was difficult to subdue.

An autopsy report found McCue died from complications from bath salts.

A lawyer for the Bangor Police Department says McCue was out of control and posed a threat to himself and others – and that officers acted responsibly and in accordance to the law.

  • Justin Russell

    That’s ridiculous. I feel for the family, but sorry…. If a person is out of control and justification is found for the use of a Taser, so be it. If you are on drugs and complications from those drugs is the ending result of the autopsy, maybe you shouldn’t have been on drugs. And $6 million based off of what? His future work paychecks? LMAO He was on bath salts. I for one don’t think this should even see the light of day.

  • Alarmtek

    I sure the bath salts did absolutely no damage to his body.

  • Clover Bowring

    Didn’t we all learn from Rudy Eugene that bath salts don’t show up in test n of course the guy doin the odtopsey is gonna say its from b.s. Cruz then he don’t have to do his job theroughly n who cares Cuz the police whispered in his ear we f***end up bub help us or… being a victim of police brutality I be leave 100% that this father is compleatly justified in questioning athourty Cuz 9 times out a 10 it was his son first time doing the drug so the only difference is he got tased n it was probly some powertstriped cop thinking ohh no he’s gonna eat my face

    • Matthew Murray

      do you even English?