Woman Shot by Officers in Rumford

Updated 11 months ago

Oxford County Sheriff’s Office tells us that a woman was shot by officers twice on 77 Maine Avenue in Rumford late Tuesday afternoon.

They say she confronted the officers with a weapon at the apartment building.

They say she is at the hospital at this time.

Maine State Police say that they are assisting with this ongoing investigation.

  • Matthew Murray

    attempted suicide by cop.

  • Think

    Probably a dull butter knife.

  • eastport2011

    Seems like all cops wanna be on the Tactical Team and wear combat boots.

  • Think

    Oh, the Maine State Police are assisting. We have nothing to worry about then.
    Next up…the attorney general finds that the “officers” were justified in the use of deadly force. Shocker.

    • pame51

      so true never in the History of Maine has an officer Not been found justified.. I don’t know what happened but it makes me angry we never know what the AG’s finding was based on ..A rubber stamp I gather..

  • Mike Haynes

    The people of the State of Maine really do need to look into their local police departments to see their policies involving police being approached by “an individual suppected of carrying a posible weapon”. When police investigate their own, just remember who trained them to be this way in the first place….the State Police.