Sources: Pittsfield Plant Closing Its Doors; 300+ Jobs Being Shipped Overseas

Updated 10 months ago

According to multiple sources, UTC Fire and Security, a plant that manufactures fire detection devices, is closing its plant in Pittsfield and more than 300 jobs will be shipped overseas to China and to the southern United States.

TV5 has learned that employees were notified by management today that the plant would close its doors within the next year.

Ashley Barrie, spokesperson for UTC, did confirm the plant is closing saying the company is moving production to three existing facilities currently producing similar products.

“As we begin the reorganization process, we are committed to working closely with our employees to ensure the transition is handled as best as possible. Ongoing meetings will outline options including consideration for available positions at other facilities and comprehensive severance benefits,” Barrie said in a statement to TV5.

  • animummy

    So much for the ‘Open for business’ sign.So sorry for these people.

    • MTB123

      Corporate greed at it’s worst. And those of us who are still employed will be footing the bills for these severed employees while UTC lines it’s pockets with even more profit dollars.

    • Anissa Roberts

      Thank you animummy. My husband is one of the people that will be let go. This is a disaster!

  • amorris72200

    A little upset they ran this story so early, my husband is a 2nd shift worker there, and he hasn’t even been able to notify his own Family yet! I had to find this out through Facebook! Not ok, WABI, not ok! Should have waited till you have an official statement from UTC!

  • missfrilly

    CLOSED FOR BUSINESS in america. they say the economy is getting better? Just who says this? I see nothing but more places closing.This is a very small town and everytime I went by this place i would say thank goodness those people have a job.How sad for the families.

  • Eliza Ludden Grant

    My mom has worked there for many years. She struggles as it is.. I don’t understand this state. We say were getting better but this shows we are truly are not!!

  • sapereaudeprime

    This is precisely why every company that employes over 100 people absolutely must be at least 51% employee owned, not counting administration. If administration owns shares, then employees must own at least 75% of the company. This is absurd that 300 people can be thrown to the wolves so owners can make a greater profit. These owners are traitors, who care more about their pocketbooks than they do about their country. The Employees should arm themselves and seize the plant, and hold it until the owners surrender the deeds, so they can resume work in competition with the owners’ new foreign operations.

  • Jane Beecher

    atta boy Le Puke…Maine, open for business? Jobs plan?

  • mcmaineacjam

    This company is moving to get more profit, but it is not an indicator that things are not improving. Small business is the backbone and bread and butter of Maine, and things are improving for them. These large companies want too much profit and do not realize that the quality of life in Maine is what makes it a great place to have a business. Still, I will try to avoid their products if I am aware it is theirs.

  • Thana

    1st it is WABI and other news agency to report these stories so that the community knows what is going on..It was already told what was happening on 1st shift …and UTC verified this before they posted it ….This is not because Maine did not give them a big enough tax break or electric was to high or they paid to high because we all know they didn’t They paid there fulll time employees $8.80 in hour..This was done because UTC CEO and board are greedy ..The CEO has worked over seas for the company already for years
    He has only been the CEO for a year and already taking jobs to China …We need to stop blaming local Goverment and start blaming the real Goverment and greedy companies for there actions

  • amorris72200

    Actually, Thana, when they first ran the tidbit of the story, they hadn’t even spoke with UTC at all! Couldn’t get through to them for an official statement! As a wife of a 2nd shift worker there, he was NOT told UNTIL he got to work, which is around 2:00pm! 2nd shift meeting wasn’t til 3pm, they ran the story at 4pm, workers on 2nd shift don’t get a break until 6:30pm, there was NO time for those workers to call and notify their Families! I turned on Facebook after he left, and was HIT with this right out of the blue! I couldn’t call him as the line goes right to their voicemail, unless you have a extension! I was frantic, do YOU know what it’s like to be given second hand, not complete information, about YOUR future, from some over sensationalized news story???? IT was very insensitive of WABI to run this! I’m sorry but, it a very serious and upsetting thing!

    • MTB123

      No offense intended, but why is it WABI’s problem to worry about the families of employees feelings when it is UTC who is actually shutting the plant down and severing all of those employees? I understand you are upset, but isn’t this, at least on some level, a case of ‘don’t shoot the messenger’? News agencies report all kinds of stuff without having an official statement…and given that they heard this one from some of those severed employees. but without an official statement from UTC to confirm/deny, just indicates that UTC did not plan the release of this news very well.

    • Anissa Roberts

      Hi there. it looks like some people just have no concept of compassion or empathy. I am so sorry you heard about this in this manner. I completely agree that – given WABI is not exactly a HUGE news affiliate they could have waited to run this instead of potentially blind-siding spouses etc. Having this happen twice now I can honestly relate to how you must be feeling. I am freaking out quite a bit myself right now. This sucks. And people who have never had to live through this kind of thing need to keep their opinions and comments to themselves.

    • Anissa Roberts

      I would like to add that ALL employees were told expressly NOT to speak with the press about any of this. The person who contacted WABI should be severed without compensation for leaking a story they were told to keep to themselves. UTC wanted to be the one to inform its employees and their families and the person who leaked the story got most of their facts wrong as well. The company is splitting the production up into thirds with one going to China, one to Mexico and the remainder to a plant in Lincolnton, NC. UTC will be opening approximately 100 jobs in NC but as of this moment non one knows what jobs those will be. Employees that are willing to relocate will be given first option of those jobs in NC when they become available. This happened because UTC had 4 plants that had extra space and they chose the oldest of the plants to shut down first. The plants in the other countries and out of state are comparably younger facilities which is less expensive to run. It sucks but there it is in a nut shell.

      • Ryan C

        This is common… Any unfortunately, it was probably a anonymous tip… Or several, as I recall from reading the original press release from WABI.

  • cougar 64

    i’m sure that oblowmecare has a lot to do with the decision to close the doors along with greedy company executives who are getting paid $475 for every $1 a worker makes than their counterparts in japan who are only making $12 for every $1 a worker makes.

    • MTB123

      That’s absurd. If it was the ACA, every UTC job in the US (not just the ones in Pittsfield) would be going, going, or gone already.

      • MTB123

        I do agree with your points on greed and executive compensation though…..

    • Nancy Oden

      Well, of course it must be Obama’s fault!

      I don’t like the ACA because I think it’s a giveaway to insurance companies, but it was a Republican (Romney’s!) idea in the first place.

      But I get it that some people have to blame everything wrong on Obama…….maybe he’s behind the disappearing plane, too.

  • Anissa Roberts

    I am with amorris72200 on this. My husband is also a second shift person at this plant. He was able to call me prior to my seeing this on FB but it still isn’t right! This is the second time my husband’s job at a company has been sent elsewhere in the past few years!!!

    • Think

      Maybe your husband just isn’t that good at his job.

      • amorris72200

        Rude, much! This factory has been known to do layoffs when work was overproduced which was often, as they would work them like dogs, doing 12 hour shifts for MONTHS on end, until they were so overstocked they had no choice but to let people go because they not enough orders for the amount of stock in the warehouse! Stop being such a insensitive jerk!

      • Guest

        You sir, are retarded. You

      • Ryan C

        Ignorant much? If the place we are working chooses to close it’s doors, you are left without a job… Regardless of your skill level.

  • Andrea Long

    My parents are both first shift and were told to go home after the announcement with a full days pay. This is horrible for everyone working there but ESPECIALLY the people who have been working there for literally YEARS. I know alot of people broke down in tears and its just horrible that over 300 people are loosing their jobs just so the company can save alittle change. Greedy bastards. Alot of people are now going to have to travel EVEN FARTHER to find work and some will have to leave the state its just a horrible situation.

    • amorris72200

      Wow, Andrea! Will had to take a half vacation day! and he’s been there for 14 years! Glad your parents were able to go without any of an extra worry of the days pay!