Bangor Police Investigating What Appears to be Dead Body Outside

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 11 months ago

Police are investigating what appears to be a dead body at the Stillwater Avenue entrance to Walmart in Bangor.

TV5 has a crew covering the story. We will have more information as it becomes available.

  • know him don;t like him

    Who writes your healines? Appears? Poke it with a stick, and we will know

    • Tesla Hatt

      Obviously the cops aren’t saying what it is yet. I doubt they’re going to let the news crew poke it with a stick.

  • know him don;t like him

    Somebody must have poked it. It is confirmed. Yup,Dead

  • MomOf3

    All I can say is ignorant. This person is someone’s family. How would you like to get that knock on the door and than read these comments. I guess the word “respect” isn’t in anyone’s’ vocabulary these days.

    • Michelle Tracy

      Some People dont know what respect is. Its to bad. Have respect for this person.

  • Tesla Hatt

    Can we get an update please? It’s been almost three hours or and you still can’t tell us if it was a dead body or anything that happened?

  • canaan lane

    how can it “appear” to be a body?? it either is or it isn’t.. get the facts before even posting this stuff!!

  • Cricket Griffith

    you know what? if someone found my brother dead and poked him with a stick to see if he was dead, i wouldn’t be any more pissed than i was prior to knowing about the stick poke. It’s corpse, poking it with a stick won’t hurt it, and if it’s a zombie you’ll be happy they used a stick. Keep your stick on the ice, we’re all in this together.


    why cant you sick people put your real identity on here when you say something sick like that? don’t have the nuts to I guess.