Camden Toddler Fights Rare Disorder with Community Help 

“It takes a lot of months to prepare for something this big but this little guy needs it so well do what we can with him.”

Silas Brown will be turning three soon.  He’s been fighting spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy since he was only a few months old.

“Doctors told us that when he was born he would never walk or talk or roll over. Any of those things,” says Silas’s mother Melly Ford Brown.

His diagnosis is very rare and it comes with other medical complications, such as epilepsy.

Silas has been proving his doctors wrong.

“We just now hit one year seizure free so that’s been a milestone for us,” Melly continues.  “He has already said ‘mama’ for the first time, three different times which is just amazing to hear and it’s really rewarding.  He’s also started army crawling, so he’s beginning that stage of development.  It’s stuff you thought you’d never see so its amazing.”

His parents attribute the progress to an alternative therapy procedure known as the Masgutova Method.

“It’s a  lot of integrating reflexes in their bodies. Stuff as little as pulling at their finger tips to let them know they have hands and its just really easy stuff that the kids really respond well to and it’s really gentle and nice for them.”

This benefit will help support the therapy.  It’s been a group effort.

“When you have a rare diseas like Silas has there’s really no where for you to go,” explains Bill DaGiau, founder of Annie’s Angels.

“Annie’s Angels helps families that are struggling financially through life threatening illness disease or disability.  This is actually our first event with Silas and we’re so excited because they’re so organized and everything looks great.

And with such support, the outlook is good for progress in the future.

“Dr. Magustova says he has a really high potential of speaking so were really excited for that. And you know, sitting up on his own. Maybe not walking until a couple years from now but our eyes are open for anything. We’re shooting for the stars with this.”

To learn more about Silas’ Saga, view his Facebook Page.