NM Biz Owner Buys Camden Plant 

An out-of-state businessman in Camden is doing something most manufacturers are not. Keeping jobs in Maine.

“I think a business either grows or it dies, and I don’t intend to be on the dying side,” says John Rockwell.

That’s president, John Rockwell of the microphone company now called, Sierra Peaks Tibbets. The New Mexico-based company is the only one in the US making high quality microphones.

“These particular microphones are used a lot in any type of communications device, headsets, boom microphones, lapel microphones like this,” explains Acoustic Engineer, Scott Saucier.

The company employees about 30 people, from engineers to assembly workers. They also make all the equipment for production and testing on site.

About five years ago this room was busy with workers until jobs went overseas with the previous owner. Rockwell hopes to increase efficiency and production and fill it back up.

“I hope to get a lot more orders. If I can get orders and get more efficient we’ll be able to keep these jobs here,” Rockwell says.

Most orders come from the government, but the tiny mics could be used in hearing aids and listening systems in auditoriums.

“We’re trying to get into more kind of specific applications, less generic, something that might require a higher end microphone,” says Saucier.

They make a few thousand microphones each month… each for a specific use.

“They’re specialized. Their response to sound is really superior to other microphones,” says Rockwell.

Like ours at TV-5. We tested it in their sound-proof room, and heard the sounds from inside our microphone. Some workers have been at the plant nearly 40 years… Rockwell says Camden has welcomed his new venture.

“Everybody I’ve met In town is excited to know that I’m trying to keep these jobs here and grow a business here,” said Rockwell.