Nebraska Man Sentenced For Sex Crimes From 1990 

Five years in prison.

That’s the sentence for a Nebraska man convicted of sex crimes that took place more than twenty years ago in Lincoln.

Clarence Cote,65, was found guilty in January for two counts of gross sexual assault.

The victim spoke before the sentencing.

She said Cote assaulted her when she was 8 years old. It was believed Cote was her uncle, but she was also told he could be her father.

Cote’s attorney said his client has a family in Nebraska and his health may also be at risk.

He’s upset with the outcome.

“With all do respect to the court, we’re not happy with the conviction at all. Were filing appeal paperwork later on today. Mr. Cote is obviously deeply disappointed. This was a hard fought trial. There are a number of serious issues. Were extremely troubled that the state lost a key piece of evidence and mr. Cote was convicted none the less,” said Defense Attorney Steve Smith.

“The judge recognized the factors we pressed in terms of sentencing. The fact that this did have a significant impact on the victim and the fact that Mr. Cote didn’t accept responsibility for his actions and they imposed something along the lines that we recommended,” said Deputy District Attorney Michael Roberts.

The missing evidence refers to a taped interview with the victim as a child that was lost lost years ago.

After completing his jail time, Cote will have to serve six years probation.