Family Fun at the 76th Annual Maine Sportsmen’s Show 

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts!

The 76th Annual Maine Sportsmen’s Show is up and running.

Organizers say it’s the longest running volunteer-based sports show in the country.

“I think it keeps going based on the volunteers that we have in the organization, but also because I think people of Maine after a long winter, or a cold winter, or a snowy winter, or in this case, all of the above, are ready to get out when it gets to be spring, or close to spring,” said Tony Richards, President of the Penobscot County Conservation Association.

Their claim to fame isn’t just the longevity of the event, it’s also the vast variety of vendors that take part.

Paul House, and his wife Dee, of Lee have been coming for about five years now.

They started their organization after they were the second family in their town to lose a son to our nation’s most recent war.

They’ve taken 350 vets and active duty soldiers on outdoor excursions to help with the healing process.

“Most of our time together is laughing, joking, and there’s always that seriously talk that they realize they’re not alone,” said House.

This year they’ve brought one of their newest additions.

It’s an Action TrackChair.

It’s an all terrain wheelchair for outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

“This chair here what it gives the soldiers that cannot walk or have a difficulty walking, the independence to go hunting and fishing with the other guys and not feel left behind,” said House.

“There’s something here for everybody. If you enjoy Maine, no matter what the season, if there’s something you like to do in the out of doors, come down to the sport show and I think you’re going to find it here,” said Richard.

The family fun event runs Saturday from 9am to 8pm, and Sunday from 9am to 3pm.