Bangor Residents Discuss Cross Center Traffic Concerns 

Events at Bangor’s Cross Insurance Center are causing major traffic problems on Main Street.

Residents living in nearby neighborhoods aren’t too happy either.

On Thursday, locals leaders addressed the issue at a public meeting.

The Queen City’s new centerpiece is drawing thousands to Bangor.

“With that comes some unintended consequences,” said city councilor James Gallant.

Gallant joined other local leaders in addressing traffic issues, related to the new arena, Thursday.

“Who gets to use the center lane? Nobody knows,” exclaimed one attendee.

Another requested that other drivers, “get in the right lane.”

Gallant knows the opening of the arena is pivotal point in the city’s history.

“We want to try to solve this once, not 17 different times,” he said.

Officials have identified 3 main issues; access to parking, traffic coming on and off the interstate, and the flow of traffic downtown, especially through nearby side streets.

“Traffic always being up Buck Street where it never was before,” said Gallant.

One woman living on Dutton Street said, “But please, please, I beg you. Don’t send 12-hundred cars through a residential neighborhood.”

The situation has been so bad before and after events that the city has closed Dutton Street because the traffic was backed up all the way to the interstate.

“We need to put sidewalks out there so when people are leaving they can walk on sidewalks, not in the middle of the road,” said one man.

He wasn’t the only one with safety concerns.

“I mean, you should be able to put a programmable sign out there,” said another gentleman sitting nearby.

“We should at least have the flashing lights that are in front of the library on the cross walks,” said one man in the back of the room.

Gallant plans to act swiftly on resident’s suggestions. He expects to compile a report by April and take it to the city council.

He said, “Every day that we are not getting this solved is another day that we can have issues either with traffic, parking, X, Y, and Z, so this is on the expedited list.”