UMaine Does Baba Yaga for Spring Break 

Some U-Maine students are spending spring break in the forests of ancient Russia – at least on stage.  They are performing their rendition of Baba Yaga, a Russian folklore tale.

“It’s a really interesting learning experience for them, seeing what’s it like to be on the road,” says Carol Korty, director and playwright.  “Each performing space we enter is completely different, it creates a lot of resilience.”

The small team is doing ten shows total, hitting several schools across Maine.

“You take everything down, you play, you run back,” says graduate student Christian Giddings.  “It’s a really cool experience.”

:We all sort of have our own roles that we’ve adapted throughout the tour,” explains sophomore Megan Rounds.   “My job is to pick up the small props and move the small props, the stronger kids are doing the big pieces.  So we all get to the places, we scope out the environment and then we just bring everything in and set it up.”

After seven weeks of rehearsal, the students have gotten in sync.

“It’s kind if nice to see a different side of people and a different group of people and it’s been really great” says senior Sydney Walker.  “We’ve kind of gotten together and put on this big show and now we’re touring together and we’re spending a lot of time together.”

And it’s not a bad way to spend time off from school.

“It’s nice to be able to give back to the community and show them what I enjoy and kind of present to all the students in community schools and in hoping that it kind of motivates kids to keep performing or see us as role models”