Cold, Cold, Cold, but Sunny! 

It looks like the cold temps will be staying with us through the next several days. It’ll actually become even colder (think single digits and teens for highs!) as we head into the start of the work week.


Still keeping an eye on that Monday storm but at this point all of the models have come back into agreement (yes, even the sometimes pesky NAM) that the storm will be a big miss for our area. We could see a few clouds but it looks like it’ll stay partly to mostly sunny Monday.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will return to a very quiet weather pattern as a high pressure system shifts east into our area. It’ll stay through the day Thursday.


Yea, kind of boring in the weather office. So what do you want to know about forecast-wise? I’m always interested to know what you guys think is cool/interesting/entertaining because it very well may not, or may be, the same stuff I’m interested in. Email me at: [email protected] or tweet me: @MeteoroloJess (get it, like meteorologist, but Jess). I’ll even take your comments and constructive criticism.



Today: Highs 21° – 29° with a few snow showers early and clearing skies the rest of the day.


Monday: Highs 8° – 18° with partly sunny skies.


Tuesday: Highs 12° – 20° with mostly sunny skies.


Wednesday: Highs 9° – 16° with sunny skies.


Thursday: Highs 20° – 27° with sunny skies.