Inmate Death Ruled Homicide

Terry Stackhouse

Updated 11 months ago

An inmate, serving time for molesting a 4-year-old, was stabbed to death Friday, according to State Police.

It happened at the Maine State Prison in Warren.

The state medical examiner says 37-year-old Micah Boland died from multiple stab wounds.

The State Police Major Crimes Unit was called in to investigate, alongside prison officials.

Detectives believe 35-year-old Richard Stahursky is responsible.

State Police expect he will be formally charged with murder early next week.

Boland had served 6 years of a 22 year sentence for Gross Sexual Assault.

Stahursky was serving multiple sentences for a number of convictions.

  • Iseededppl

    oh well

  • klane

    Should have gave This Stahusky early release for good behavoir!

  • Richard Bubar jr.

    Took one for the team. life goes on

  • Larry

    I don’t have sympathy for what happens to a child molester but also don’t think it makes any other criminal a better person for killing one … No one even knows what the crimes are of the killer and lets give him early release ??? He may have raped your mom for all you know …

    • Captain Caveman

      It might not make the killer a better person, but it makes the world a little safer for kids.

  • glasscat

    Tied up & stabbed a few dozen times! Homocide?….ya’THINK???????

  • Dannie

    That makes alot of sense, a rapist killing a pedophile, i think people just like to add there opnions because ya don’t actually have a clue. I know plenty of good people who would kill someone who molests babies. Thick minded people. Child molesters get a slap on the wrist and are back out to do it over and over again. Anyone who hurts innocent babies deserves whatever they get. So !!!!!

  • luffmuvr

    the crimes of rape and phedophila should be punishable by death. these 2 convicts never should have been put in jail, they should have been put to death. if a dog bites, its put down, not locked up!!!!
    same rules apply….

  • Captain Caveman

    A tragic end for a fine human being, hopefully it was slowly.