Husson University Hosts Penobscot County Spelling Bee 

Students from all around Penobscot County came to Bangor today for a spelling competition.

For the third year, Husson University sponsored Penobscot County Spelling Bee.

Organizers for the event say the competitors spend many hours studying word definitions and origins to prepare themselves.

The words used in the bee are carefully chosen by a council.

This year, 32 students competed.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to compete, to learn the value of hard work, competition – how to lose gracefully and move forward with vigor and pursuing their aspirations, knowing that you can’t win every time,” said Barbara Moody, Director of Teacher Education at Husson University.

The winner of this years spelling bee is 12 year old Nathan Manaker, a seventh grader from Orono Middle School.

He will be competing at the national spelling bee, in Washington DC.

His winning word was “Tertiary.”