Hancock County Food Drive Kicks-Off 

Many Maine families are deciding between heating their homes and putting food on the table, this time of year.

Food pantries and community resource centers have been stretched to the limit, especially in Hancock County.

In an effort to help those struggling get by, Friends and Family Market in Ellsworth held a kickoff event for the 3rd Annual Hancock County food drive, Saturday afternoon.

All this month, local businesses and organizations are trying to collect 15,000 food items.

“The winter has been so tough. We have had lots of snowstorms. We had the ice storm that hit Hancock County particularly hard,” said Susan Farley, a family assistance advocate.

Jackie Thurber, a food pantry manager, said, “We are a tourist area and a lot of people work on those seasonal schedules. When they are between seasons that means they are between paychecks.”

There are more than 100 donations sites in Hancock County.

United Way of Eastern Maine and the Maine Community Foundation will match each donated item with one dollar, up to $10,000.

You can support the cause here.