CSA Fair Offers Farm Shares to Communities 

Farmers from around the area got together today with the public for a Community Supported Agriculture fair.

The CSA fair featured a dozen different farms who provide shares to their communities, some – offering half shares.

The shares allow people to pay now for fresh, local produce from farms, that will arrive in the summer.

“People want to feed their families with healthy local food and they’re looking for easy ways to do it,” said Rachel Katz, a farmer at Terranian Farm.

“Those farmers really need customers to count on year after year after tear who are going to support them at the beginning of the season. And without that we wont have as strong of a local farming community and that’s really bad for all of us,” said Erin Sweeney, an organizer at Food And Medicine.

The CSA fair also had various kids activities, a raffle, and of course, taste testing.