Psychic Sisters Host Fundraiser 

A set of self-proclaimed psychic sisters hosted a Mardi Gras fundraiser Thursday.

Bangor’s Spectacular Events Center was the site an event supporting those struggling with cancer.

Maine’s Psychic Sisters don’t read minds.

“We can’t do that. It is basically reading energy,” said Amy Burgoyne. Energy from beyond helps connect the living with lost loved ones, they claim. But psychics are more than a medium, they say. Amy is a life coach, offering sessions to help heal and empower clients.

“We’re just trying to bring awareness on how to take care of your bodies, how to bring your energy level up, so that you can rid yourself of some of the toxic, negative things that float around that cause illness.”

Thursday night, their telepathic abilities were called on to help plant the seeds of hope for those fighting pancreatic cancer. They were the evening’s entertainment for a fundraiser benefitting the Purple Iris Foundation. Their sister Christina, a 6 year survivor of pancreatic cancer, leads the Brewer based organization.

“I think they have a great gift, and it is, the ability to heal a lot of wounds and a lot of uncertainty in people,” said Christina.

“So much sometimes is left un-said when people pass. There’s so much that we can learn from our past experiences,” said their sister Sky, also a psychic.