Cold This Weekend, Even Colder During the Work Week 

It looks like the cold temps will be staying with us through the next several days. It’ll actually become even colder (think single digits and teens for highs!) as we head into the start of the work week after a cold front moves through the area on Sunday.  Our next shot at some snow comes tomorrow night. This will be very light and mostly in the form of a few snow showers in the late evening and through the overnight hours. Not expecting much, if anything, in the way of accumulation; some spots may see a coating or so, but that’s about it. It could be just enough to make some roads a little slick for the early morning hours on Sunday since the ground and roads are frozen solid.


We have been (and still are) watching a storm system for Monday. At this point it does looks like it will stay off to our south. As of early this morning all models were in agreement on this and it was becoming close to a definite miss for Maine. As of the 12z model run (7am local time, but we don’t really see it until about 10am) the NAM (North American Model) changed a bit and shifted the storm more into our area, leaving the coast and some inland locations with around 3”-5” of snow by Monday night. That being said, the NAM is not the most reliable model, the least reliable really out of the main three models I/we use (the GFS, the Euro, and the NAM), so there is no need to change plans. The GFS and the Euro keep the system well off to our south and have us with a mix of sun and clouds for Monday.

**NOTE: I know this got a little technical but thought it might be interesting to know what’s going on meteorologically speaking. (I welcome additional questions as well: [email protected])**


Tuesday and Wednesday will return to a very quiet weather pattern as a high pressure system shifts east into our area. It’ll stay cold right into the day Wednesday.


Tonight: Lows from -20° to 0° with partly cloudy skies.


Saturday: Highs 22°-29° with partly to mostly sunny skies to start and increasing clouds in the late morning/early afternoon. A few snow showers developing in the late evening and sticking around overnight.


Sunday: Highs 19° – 29° with a few snow showers early and clearing skies the rest of the day.


Monday: Highs 8° – 17° with partly sunny skies as long as the storm stays off to our south (which is the current thinking).


Tuesday: Highs 6° – 14° with mostly sunny skies.


Wednesday: Highs 14° – 21° with sunny skies.