Fire Destroys Home in Clifton 

An unoccupied home in Clifton was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning.

Crews were called to Scotts Point Road around 1 a.m.

When they arrived, flames were shooting out of the left side of the house.

Fire fighters spent several hours on scene. They’re unsure of the cause at this point.

Crews say they encountered a number of obstacles at the scene.

“We’re hampered right now because of the cold, because of the cold,” says Eddington Fire Chief James Ellis. “Essentially the distance- this is a fairly remote area. Although it’s on the water, water supply is a challenge for us. We had over 2 feet of ice so we’re trying to drag them through that, to provide water.”

In addition to Eddington, Brewer, Holden, Dedham and Orrington were called to help battle the flames.