UMaine Students Support Shaw House Teens 

UMaine students are supporting local teens, making pins with a purpose.

The advanced art education students joined residents of Bangor’s Shaw House Tuesday.

The center looks to engage young people who are homeless, or at-risk of becoming homeless.

They’re making ceramic pins, to be sold at The Rock and Art Shop and Metropolitan Soul.

100% of the proceeds will be used to pay for musical instruments.

“It definitely expresses my feelings. You can see, depending on what I do, like, how I am feeling,” said Amanda Smith, a 19-year-old resident.

John St. Germain, another 19-year-old resident, said, “It makes my mind lost from everything else and get into the art world I guess. It takes me away from all my problems.”

Many Shaw House residents receive music lessons from staff and volunteers.

Each pin costs $5.