Pothole Season Is Upon Us 

The warm weather this weekend made it feel like Spring.

It also is starting to feel like Spring as you drive in your car.

“I would say we’re getting, probably a dozen work orders a day on different potholes right now,” said Bangor Public Works Director Dana Wardwell.

The warm weekend may have been a welcome sight to many Mainers, but the thawing,melting, and refreezing is what causes those pot holes.

Even though we are in late February, it is pothole season. “Until we can get some of the snow banks down and get some of the water off the road,” said Wardwell. “It’s going to be a daily occurrence here for the next month or so.”

But if you happen to hit one of those potholes and damage is done to your vehicle, you are encouraged to report it. If the hole is not taken care of, based on Maine law, the bill may not be yours to pay according to Wardwell. “They need to have notice that there is a problem, a defect in the road, they have, usually 24 hours to repair that defect. In the case of potholes though, when they are opening up every day, it makes it a little harder”

And when those new ones open up, Wardwell says those crews will be out. “We’ll just keep patching the holes with cold patch until we can get some hot top, and generally the middle of April, they start making hot top again and then can do some more permanent repairs.”
If you’d like to see pothole reports in your area you can visit this website http://en.seeclickfix.comĀ 

If you have a pothole to report in Bangor you can call Public Works 992-4500 or you can do it online