Maine Group Protests Pipeline

Updated 11 months ago

Protesters against the Keystone XL Pipeline took to the streets in Waterville on Sunday.

The protesters are part of the 350 Central Maine group.

They say there are several reasons as to why the pipeline should be denied.

One reason is that they believe it could create costly, toxic spills in the US.

They hope that their protests will gain people’s attention.

“Well if we can get enough public awareness about the issue and if the politicians hear from enough people then maybe Obama will do the right thing and say no, we’re not going to let the oil come across the border,” said Dick Thomas, a member of 350 Central Maine.

The group will be protesting every Sunday until may first, from 11:30-12:30, outside of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville.

  • disqus_FSx3gsmRUH

    Bingo must have been cacelled today

  • bigchuckie

    When it ended they got into their gas powered cars and drove home to their warm houses heated by #2 oil Go away you hypocrites

    • Bryan Martin-Evans

      Actually, knowing most of these people… they are some of the most environmentally friendly people I have ever met…

    • rwkjr1

      This is such a predictable response to render it – and its logic – pointless. It’s used so often in response to the true use of freedom of speech that I’m beginning to think it’s been copyrighted by Fox “News”.

  • Captain Caveman

    The pipeline could be a good thing for everyone. Tar sands require more energy to extract oil than they produce, not worth it from an energy stand point. But its all about the Benjamin’s baby.

  • rwkjr1

    Way to go 350 Central Maine!!

  • Jim Easton

    If you saw the devastation that the extraction of oil from tar-sands (providing no net energy supply) necessitates you would not think that the pipeline necessary. You would see the need to make the changes away from fossil fuels; just as many Benjamins, just going to different corporations. The destruction will only get worse, making clean water more and more scarce, as we try ever harder to get out the last drop of crude. Yes, we all drive cars. We also lobby for transportation systems and municipal spaces that render private cars unnecessary. The hypocrite is the one denying the problem that we create for our descendants.