School Choices in Maine: Homeschooling 

The choice to homeschool in Maine was the subject of Thursday’s school choice week long series on the morning show.

Ed green is the President of Homeschoolers of Maine

We began by asking him- Do you think education in maine has changed for the better or worse in the last few years?

Well I can speak for the homeschooling market, I think its become much easier to homeschool in the state of Maine and educate our kids. Our materials are improving, support is improving, there are actually companies now that are putting out their materials in all three learning styles, which helps parents match the materials to their childs learning style. So that’s a big help, a huge help.

Question: Are kids being prepared adequately enough for life after high school?

For homeschoolers, this question was asked in the year 2000. In 2003 researchers did study on homeschoolers and how they were doing post high school. They found out that 74% went on to college course, that homeschoolers were voting at twice the national average, and that they were more civically minded, there were more active in government and civic responsibilities.

Question: If you were the head of the Maine Department of Education, what would be your number one priority?

That is difficult, we aren’t in the public sector, we’re in the private sector. I think the key to a child’s education is parental involvement. I think if parent’s spend the time with their child and do whatever it’s going to take for that child to succeed, then that child has a better chance at succeeding.

Question: Should taxpayer dollars support independent/charter/homeschools?

Well tax dollars already go to approved private schools and they go along with the curriculum. As far as charter schools, I’m not sure what’s going to happen, that’s a big debate now, I’m not quit sure how that’s going to set up, I’m assuming that funds will, tax dollars will go to charter schools. But homeschoolers have never taken money. That’s probably been the thing thats let us have some freedom, as to what we’re doing, as to how we set up our educational program. So if anything, I think if they are going to look at anything at all would be tax credits, rather than tax dollars.

Question: What is the future of education in Maine for kids born in 2014?

This is an interesting question, because I have a grandchild due in May. So it’s a special question for me, because I think in the homeschooling market it’s expand so rapidly. The information, technology is expanding. You can get all the information you want at your fingertips. Companies are coming out with new materials, to be tailored, so you can tailor make a curriculum, to match a child. Their interests, their learning abilities. It’s an exciting time, I think next in the future it’s going to be a very exciting time for education.