Man Dead and Woman Injured in Newburgh Accident

Updated 11 months ago

Authorities say one man is dead and one woman is injured after an accident with a Maine DOT plow Wednesday night in Newburgh.

Anthony Takacs was pronounced dead on the scene.  State Police say it appears Takacs lost control while driving on the snowy road and struck a plow.

They say it happened around 9 pm on Western Avenue about a mile past the Newburgh Fire Station.

Takacs, 24, was driving with Nicole Wentworth, also 24.  Wentworth was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  Both are from Albion.

“Coming down the hill it lost control, crossed the center line and struck the plow truck in the front end in the plow.
From all indications, initially, the driver of the plow truck tried to move over as far as he could to the right, but with the snow banks, you can see, there’s really not a whole lot of places you can go,” said Trooper Douglas Franklin.

They say the driver of the plow truck was uninjured.

The accident is still under investigation.

They say the driver will be taken to the state medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.

  • Matt

    Okay.. Correct me if I’m wrong. They say the passenger sustained minor injuries and survived. There isn’t one dent on the drivers side of the car. Back wheels are bent to all heck, but it seems to me the main impact was on the right side (passenger side) of the vehicle. I’ve seen many MV Crashes before.. this one doesn’t seem to add up.

    • Vicki Brown Bricker

      I noticed the same thing..weird

    • Mandi O

      If I had to guess… the driver of the vehicle was not wearing his seatbelt. I did a lot of research on seatbelt safety a few years ago. He probably slammed his head on the steering wheel or some other part of the interior of the car.

    • BresMom0120

      I am living this situation right now, don’t speculate, you don’t have the slightest idea of the details so please just keep quiet.

  • Jessica Swan

    if there I an update to his story, I’d like to know if there is a service is being held by Anthony’s family.

  • Kara Fitch

    How dare any of you judge this? A man just lost his life. Show some respect. He was an amazing person, and will be very greatly missed.

    • Michelle Fitch

      Anthony will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to his family and girlfriend. May he rest forever in peace. Tony, you’ll always be in our family’s heart.

  • liz

    I don’t think it was any harm at the questions they r askin. They did not show any disrespect to Anthony or his family. But I am on rescue. N I can see where these questions come up. But apon impact.. weither from the front or back. When there is head trauma.. this can be the end result.