Bangor Car Dealer Enters Plea on Inspection Sticker Charges

John Krinjak

Updated 11 months ago

An attorney for the owner of My Maine Ride was in court today to answer to charges the Bangor car dealer used bogus inspection stickers.

Glenn Geiser, who’s the focus of an Attorney General lawsuit, was not present at the arraignment this afternoon.

His defense team entered a plea of no contest for him to 28 counts of using counterfeit inspection stickers.

The judge accepted that plea as well as a check for $7,000 in fines.

In exchange prosecutors agreed to drop the 56 remaining counts.

Defense attorney Gene Sullivan claims no stickers were ever placed on unsafe vehicles, but admits violations did occur where the vehicles were serviced.

“The inspection stickers were not issued in accordance with the law, and Mr. Geiser, my client, accepts responsibility for this. And as you guys are aware my client has paid his fine in full today,” said Sullivan.
“There’s plenty of good car dealers out there. Then you get a guy like this who just makes it worse for them. For what he did he deserves to pay a big fat fine and if he’s convicted of criminal offenses he should go to jail,” said Penobscot County District Attorney Christopher Almy.

Glenn Geiser’s attorney Joe Baldacci said yesterday his client will accept a 6-month suspension of his license to sell cars.

That begins on March 1st.

He also has an ongoing civil suit with the Attorney General’s office, which accuses Geiser and his dealership of unfair and deceptive business practices.

  • becky

    6 month suspension of his sales license, what a joke. with any luck his reputation is smashed to smithereens and any future attempts to sell fall flat.

  • Tammy Brown

    He was able to pay his fine with everyone’s
    money he stole from them, this is a joke, unfair, what about all the people that have lost money, cant use the car, and their credit is wiped out ???? IS THAT FAIR?

  • liv2wrkndie

    6 months Is not long enough. He must be stopped IndefInItely

    • percipience

      It is amazing to me how many people will gladly rip off the poor! If they only knew that there is a judge who is just and fair I bet they would not; it is a fearful thing to get justice from God.It is also apparent that part of being poor is making really, really unsound transactions.Dealers like this charge outrageous prices for junky cars and then charge 30+% interest on top of that…yikes!

  • Shawn B

    Six months suspension that is a slap in the face to all those that bought junk cars it just proves if you got the money and a high powered lawyer you can get a way with ripping off hard-working people I hope nobody else buys cars from him when his suspension is up