Bangor Mall Sbarro Has Closed

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 12 months ago

Sbarro in the Bangor Mall has closed.

It’s one of 155 pizza chain locations that has shut its doors.

The New York based company says the closures affect 1400 workers altogether.

Sbarro owns 400 locations in North America. Closures don’t affect locations owned by franchisees.

Most of the closures were in mall food courts where traffic has declined.

  • Davida Willette

    food was good

  • Carl Nevells

    Bangor had a Sbarros?

  • Mark Breidt

    never heard of it b4, prob. because it wasn’t real style jersey or ny pizza. there is only 1 pizza parlor I found in my area and that’s in bangor diagonally across from the bangor library. other then that the pizza in the bucksport area sucks

  • Nate Alexander

    its been in the mall FOR YEARS. i moved to bangor in ’99 and it was in there then. not sure how long before that. the ones that never heard of it or didnt know it was there clearly need to get out more.