Used Car Dealer Expected to Plead No Contest

Terry Stackhouse

Updated 12 months ago

There are new details in the case against a Bangor car dealer, accused of deceptive practices.

The attorney for Glenn Geiser, owner of My Maine Ride, expects his client to plead no contest through a written consent order and accept a $7,000 fine Thursday.

The state claimed his business targeted customers with poor credit and pressured them into buying used cars that weren’t roadworthy.

His attorney, Joe Baldacci, says Geiser accepted a 180-day business suspension that will begin on March 1st.

He also tells us that the issue has been resolved with the Secretary of State and District Attorney.

Baldacci also says they dropped a request for an administrative hearing.

  • Captain Caveman

    This dealership is notoriously bad. I personally know of 4 people that got the shaft on a greasy deal from Glenn Geiser. He should not be allowed to do business in Maine. A $7000.00 fine isn’t even a slap on the wrist. This guy has changed his business name so many times, just to avoid retribution in the past. Used cars or new cars for that matter all have one thing in common; they are going to break down! Geiser is a shyster.