Frankfort Fire Aftermath: Boat Part, New Home needed 

“I woke up at 10 minutes to seven with flames above my head in my bedroom.”

Phillip Burgin’s home on Ginn Road in Frankfort was destroyed in a blaze last Thursday.

“The dog was barking, woke me up and the smoke alarms were all going off.”

Burgin was able to get out safely, along with his dog.  He also managed to rescue his lizard.

“It was just kind of shocking,” says Sarah Ginn.  Her sister owned the property damaged by the fire.  “I know he’s lost, I mean everything, as you can see.”

Burgin’s young son stays with him, but fortunately he was not there when the fire broke out.

The response from the community has been hopeful.

“People just, you know, what does the little boy need, what size is he?” says Ginn. “What clothes? What size is Phil? Is there anything, would he be interested in house furnishings? I have a few extra, nothing in particular, but there’s stuff – just an out-pour of everything. Everybody willing to help.”

Ginn has coordinated for donations to be received at the Town Office.

Burgin, a fisherman, is really looking for a lower unit for his boat.  He was repairing the old one and it melted in the fire.

“Trying to find a place, get my boat going again.”

Anyone who wants to make a donation to Burgin can do so at the Frankfort Town Office, located on North Searsport Road in the old elementary school building.