Orono Man Falls About 20 Feet Ice Climbing, Injures Back 

An Orono man hurt his back after falling about 20 feet while ice climbing in Acadia National Park Saturday.

According to Ranger Richard Rechholtz, the 33-year-old-man was lead climbing to set ice screws on the east side of Champlain Mountain around noon.

He says the man had all the proper equipment, and was an experienced climber, but the ice wasn’t good to climb.

The Ranger said he fell about 10 feet onto a snowy ledge, then fell another 10 feet onto granite rocks.

Park rangers, Bar Harbor Paramedics, and MDI Search and Rescue responded to the emergency call.

The man was with two other friends.

Ranger Rechholtz says the man was transported to EMMC in Bangor and had a significant back injury.

While the Rechholtz said his friends did all the right things, he says for future Acadia National Park visitors, make sure to be prepared with extra dry clothes, a flashlight, for example, in case an accident like this happens.

Acadia1 Acadia2 Acadia3Pictures courtesy: Ranger Rechholtz