Convicted Sex Offender Faces More Charges

Joy Hollowell

Updated 11 months ago

A Prentiss Plantation man is facing more charges of sexually abusing children.

49-year-old Timothy Hayes was indicted Friday on 14 more counts. Charges include gross sexual assault on a person younger than 12, violation of conditions of release, violation of the Sex Offender Registry Act, as well as multiple charges of prohibited contact with a minor. Authorities say some of those occurred in a safe zone.

Earlier this month, Hayes was indicted for sexually abusing an 8-year-old boy.

Authorities say these latest charges are all related.

They involved nine children.

The charges are the culmination of a four-month long investigation by police.

  • Dory Hohler Perkins

    he should never ever be out on the streets again

  • Stacy Henderson


  • spudneck

    They should castrate him then shoot him!

  • Think

    Let him out on bail again, geniuses.

  • animummy

    Why do these people get released and its believed they wont offend over and over.This country needs to buy an Island somewhere,and allow all these sickos to live together.Let the grow crops,and raise farm animals,and live off what they grow.Dont waste money on jails and prisons that don’t cure these sick creeps,just isolate them where they cant harm anyone ever again.How many of these monsters ever stop offending?Who knows,because unless a victim speaks up,we have no way of knowing.Why should we continue to take chances on innocent people having their life destroyed by people who just get better and better,at chosing victims.

  • Captain Caveman

    Unfortunately, victims often become offenders. We need severe and immediate penalties to be put in place. We are responsible to protect our children, they are our future and innocent. Chemical castration has been used with some degree of success in other countries. If it were up to me they would get a short drop and a quick stop at the end of a rope. Quick cheap and easy.