Ice Fishing Derby for Scholarship in Orland

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 12 months ago

It was a beautiful day for ice fishing and hundreds came out to do it at a benefit derby in Orland.
The money raised at Slim’s Fishin’ Derby was in honor of Jimmy Douglas who passed away in a snow mobile accident. Douglas loved to fish and was a ┬ámechanic.

The money raised goes into a scholarship fund for a high school senior heading to trade school. This was the first year the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife helped out and also got some help. They were able to use the fish as part of their regular research.

“We do this in his memory and try to raise as much as we possibly Can every year to you knew help kids and give them a scholarship to do what they want to do,” said organizers, Shauna Schmidt and Sarah Larrebee.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on there derby for a number of years now we’ve seen it get bigger and bigger and we knew we could get a wide varied sample of the fish if we contacted them and worked with them on this.” said Greg Burr, Regional Fisheries Biologist.

The derby raised about $3,000 this year for the scholarship.


  • Jeffrey Douglass

    Very nice news clip. It was a great weekend and lots of people and lots of fun. Hopefully this will help get the word out for a bigger turnout next year. My brother would be proud. Thank you