Update: Tractor Trailers Collide on Interstate in Benton

Updated 12 months ago

Two tractor trailers collided on the interstate in Benton this afternoon.

State police say a tractor trailer attempting to merge from the breakdown lane was struck from behind by a second truck.

One rig wound up in the median while the other blocked part of the northbound lanes.

Police say one of the drivers, Larry Edwards from Pennsylvania, was taken to the hospital with a head injury that’s considered non life threatening.

Both trucks were loaded and remained upright.

  • Amanda Holt

    lacking details….. how did it happen? did they hit as one entered an on ramp.. did one drift into the other….or ?????

    • Jessica Fortin

      Most likely in reconstruction….

      • Karen Dennett Rossignol

        There is no more construction zone. They have finished – it is totally open and clear.

        • Jessica Fortin

          A reconstruction team like re constructing the accident

  • Roberto Trionfante

    Was there a reconstruction team there to figure it out the cause like for example cell phone sun light or loud music or high speed or alcohol ?

    • ken

      No reconstruction needed.. The guy on the shoulder probably pulled out at 3mph like most inexperienced drivers do and the other driver either didn’t have time to stop or wasn’t paying attention.

  • sleepwithfishes

    Commercial drivers should have a court system like Maritime Court. The whole purpose is NOT to wind up there. If you do, then a percentage of blame is assessed. It could be 99%-1%, but the point is to NOT wind up there.