Maine Students Compete in Business Challenge 

Some Maine students got a taste of real world business Wednesday.

It was the Annual Junior Achievement Titan Challenge.

More than 300 kids from 40 schools competed at sites across the state.

Students worked in teams on a live business simulation.

They made business decisions in real time for such things as capital investments, research and development, marketing, and product pricing.

Each team was matched with a business mentor.

The students we watched compete at U-Maine Orono were too busy running their business to speak with us.

“It’s real important for kids of this age to see what business careers are like and they maybe can realize the courses they take in school are very important to a business career, any career and profession. So, this type of program is great and, of course, it gets them to meet other business people in the area as mentors,” said Marcus Barresi, Co-Chair of Junior Achievement Bangor Region.

“You come in first, you come in last, anywhere in between, it really is about interacting with the adults, the business professionals and having the experience running a business,” said Bryan Murphy, Jobs for Maine’s Graduates Job Specialist at Old Town High School.

The top three teams get scholarships donated by Maine Education Services, a non-profit with a mission to expand access to higher education.