Reports of Stray Bullets in Orrington Prompt Safety Concerns 

Some residents and loggers in Orrington claim they’ve seen and heard stray bullets flying by them–and they believe a local firing range is to blame.

Jerry Perkins owns a large area of wooded land adjacent to the Orrington Gun Club.

He says he’s had issues with stray bullets whizzing through his property for years–but a recent alleged incident has him on edge.

About ten days ago, Perkins got a call from a logger doing work on his property.

He said well I just had five bullets go by me. He says I’m nervous.”

That logger was Dustin Young.

“I heard the shots and then I heard a few bullets whizz over the top of the trees,” said Young.

At first, he wasn’t sure where they were coming from.

“But then I heard that there was a gun club over yonder, so they must be coming from that direction,” said Young.

Perkins and Young called the Penobscot County Sheriff, who is now investigating.

“It’s 950 yards approximately from the distance and there were people shooting at the gun club at the time,” said Sergeant Jon Carson of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office.

And based on that, the sheriff says it is possible the bullets came from the firing range. But as far as evidence, Carson says no bullets have been recovered.

Police have recently secured surveillance footage from the Orrington Gun Club

“Hopefully that will clear up if there’s any reckless conduct involved. If there isn’t this is going to be unfortunately closed out because there’s no criminal conduct here,” said Carson.

Regardless of criminality, though, many agree something needs to be done.

“They should have a bigger bank they’re shooting into, so the bullets definitely go into the sand bank. Maybe have someone on site at all times just keeping an eye on things,” said Young.

“It’s the direction they’re firing. Our suggestion has been to change the direction. I don’t feel safe,” said Carson.

The Orrington Gun Club denied our request for an on-camera interview.

They did send us a statement which reads in part:

“The club disputes that this happened. The club has inspected its earth berms and has increased the height of them even more this past week to insure that an incident like this never happens. Safety is of the utmost importance for our members and our neighbors.”

And we should add back in 2007 the town proposed an ordinance to put restrictions on the gun club.