Fairfield Filmmakers Plan To Shoot New Movie In Maine 

A group of filmmakers based in Fairfield are getting close to securing the funding they need to shoot a new movie here in Maine.

For the team at Catharsis Media, shooting a quality feature film on a small budget is nothing new. Last year their first feature film, “The Eighteenth Hour”, was shot entirely in Maine and featured at the Maine International Film Festival and is now available on DVD. They produced the movie for just over $1,000.

“But really it just comes down to the blood, sweat and tears of the cast and crew. The willingness of people to do things for free and stretch themselves thin just to make this piece of art happen,” said Damian Veilleux, who is part of the Catharsis Media team and writer of “The Eighteenth Hour.”

Now they’re closing in on the funding they need for their latest project, a suspense thriller in the mold of Alfred Hitchcock, titled “Rendezvous.” It’s the story of a United States Congressman tabbed as Vice Presidential candidate who is trying to have his wife killed. The wife, who will be portrayed by international actress/model Katarina Morhacova, has other ideas. Emmy-winning actor David Lago of The Young and the Restless and Frances Jue who appears regularly in the hit television show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit are also part of the cast. Veilleux says they have an award-winning script written by Seth Kozak and the film will be shot entirely in Maine.

“But it’s also important to mention this isn’t just bringing people from L.A. and New York. We have more roles available. We have main actors that we need. We have extras, we have speaking roles, so we’re giving Maine people and businesses a chance to kind of showcase themselves in this amazing project.”

The filmmakers have turned to “Kickstarter”, an online fundraising platform, to raise the rest of the money they need. Their goal is $6,500 using Kickstarter and they’re now more than halfway there. People who donate money to the project can receive anything from a free digital download of the movie or even be listed as a producer on the film, depending on the size of the donation. If they fail to hit their goal by the end of this month, all pledges go back to the donors.

“That’s our bare minimum that we can do to make it happen,” Veilleux said. “And that’s with cast and crew pretty much doing it all unpaid. The fees pretty much cover transportation, food, lodging. The bare essentials to make this happen.”

You can find out more information by searching “Rendezvous” on You can find more information on the film itself on Facebook by searching “Rendezvous Film or at