Book Featuring Life In A Lighthouse Coming To Maine Schools

Last summer we brought you the story of a former lighthouse keeper in richmond who was trying to bring maritime history back to Maine classrooms.

Ernie Deraps co-authored a two-sided dual book with his wife Polly called “Lighthouse Keeping” outlining the life a lighthouse keeper and their family.

Deraps then painted every lighthouse in Maine and planned to sell those paintings to raise enough money to publish the book and provide every high school in Maine with a copy.

Thanks to an anonymous donor who bought some of those paintings his dream has come true. Ernie Deraps has published his book and he’s currently working with the Department of Education to get a copy of his book in school libraries all across Maine. Today, Deraps delivered a copy to Richmond High School in his hometown.

“Well I’m very pleased but it’s not for my benefit it’s for the benefit of the people because it is history. I know there are several books out there on lighthouse keeping etc. But this is my wife and my own story about how we accomplished what we had to accomplish,” Deraps said.

There are still copies “Lighthouse Keeping” for sale. If you’re interested in buying a copy you can call Ernie Deraps at 737-4011.