Bangor Dealership License Revocation Hearing Delayed 

A license revocation hearing for a Bangor car dealership being sued the state for deceptive trade practices was supposed to take place Monday.

That hearing was delayed after a closed door meeting by the attorneys.

“I am very, very sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced today (Monday)” announced Joanne Baumrind the Hearings Officer for the Secretary of the State. “Or that anything misled you to believe that you could speak today. I do apologize to you as a representative of the Secretary of State’s office.”

The reason for the delay was because the attorney for Glenn Geiser did not have all of the paperwork from the state, and couldn’t appropriately defend his client without all of the information.

Geiser owns My Maine Ride, which the state claims targets customers with poor credit and pressures them into buying used cars that are not roadworthy.

“He really wants to resolve this” said Geiser’s attorney Joe Baldacci. “He has asked me on several occasions to discuss resolving this with the Secretary of State’s office and the Attorney General, but the response from both entities has been almost non-responsive and so we’re hoping to have further communication with them in the next couple weeks.”

The crowd of about a dozen people, some of whom wanted to testify, were disappointed to find out the case wouldn’t be heard until later this month.

But they won’t be able to speak then either said Baumrind. “Regarding actual speaking from various members of the public, that is not part of this hearing because the State’s witnesses already have that evidence. They already have it in document form, there, they may speak at another hearing in the Attorney General’s office should that be going forward”

“If one person can speak their story and get this man’s license suspended,” said Marc Perry of Bangor who is a customer of the dealership. “It’s not only going to save lives in the future, I think, but people will know better, they won’t be allowed to go there and get ripped off by this man.”

The hearing is now scheduled for Wednesday the 26th at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at the Airport Mall in Bangor at 9:30am.

“He always finds gray areas or loopholes, and you know what I am saying, I’m just fear he’s going to find another one,” said Jason Ashlock of Bangor another customer of the dealership. “At least for this point in time, you know what I’m saying hopefully, he’ll be out for a while anyways, what they need to do is lock him up and throw away the key personally.”

“As you know he’s sold probably 18,000 cars and I’m sure there are some unhappy customers, he knows there’s the good and the bad of the whole business thing,” said Baldacci. “I think he would like this resolved as soon as possible for his family he has no interest really in having this delayed because he knows he is going to have to address a lot of these issues at some point.”.