Light Snow Ending This Morning, Cold Tuesday & Wednesday 


Low pressure will move away from the state this morning. Areas of light snow will continue this morning with locations along the coast seeing the most in the way of snowfall with total accumulations only ranging from a dusting to two inches by later this morning. Any light snow is expected to wind down as the morning progresses. Again, it will be quite light and could be sporadic at times.


By Tuesday we’ll see partial sunshine because of a high pressure ridge. This flow around the high will bring us northwesterly winds which will keep temps cold for Tuesday (teens mostly) Wednesday the high pressure system will be just to our south and will bring us sunshine for the day. Highs look like they will be in the upper teens and low 20s. Then by Thursday, as the high shifts east, the winds will shift and come from the south. This will bring even warmer air into the state and should help to give us highs in the 30s for the day. We’ll also see mostly sunny skies to start the day on Thursday.


Thursday afternoon clouds will increase ahead of a low pressure system that will move off the coast but again bring some snow to much of the region, with some mixing to rain possible too. Early models estimates show the low bringing in anywhere from about a half inch to over three quarters of an inch of moisture. On average we use a 10:1 ratio for total snowfall to moisture (precipitable water we call it, or you may hear me talking about the QPF). Since temps overnight Thursday into Friday will drop into the 20s, this seems a reasonable estimate for that time period. Once temps start to warm slightly on Friday the ratio becomes more like a 5:1. Then, once we get above the 32° obviously we’re mostly changing to rain (also depending on what’s going on in the upper levels). Either way, it looks like VERY early estimates (subject to change several times) of snow in the Greater Bangor Area are around the 5-7″ range. Also, locations along the coast may see slightly less because of the warmer temps and rain mixing. Again, wicked early, but thought you might like to know what I’m actually doing today with no snowfall map to make and a pretty quite weather pattern for the first half of the week.


Today: Highs from 19°-28° with light snow and snow showers during the morning. Partly cloudy skies in the afternoon as the low moves to the northeast.

Tuesday: Highs from 12°-23° with partly sunny skies.

Wednesday: Highs from 16°- 23° with sunny skies.

Thursday: Highs from 32°-39° with mostly sunny skies during the morning and increasing clouds in the afternoon. Snow moves in during the evening and continues overnight.

Friday: Highs from 32°-38° with some rain and snow possible.