State Suing “My Maine Ride” in Bangor

John Krinjak

Updated 12 months ago

A well-known Bangor car dealership is being sued by the state.

The Attorney General says Glenn Geiser and his dealership, My Maine Ride on Washington Street, have engaged in unfair and deceptive practices.

The state claims the company targets customers with poor credit, pressures them into buying used cars that are not roadworthy, then doesn’t respond to customer complaints.

The state says the cars often don’t pass inspection and have undisclosed mechanical defects which the dealer won’t fix.

The state seeks civil penalties and wants to bar Geiser from promoting, selling or financing used cars.

My Maine Ride has also done business as Bumper-2-Bumper and Bangor Car Care.

  • The Big Valbowski

    What took so long? This guy is one of the biggest pieces of crap in the area.

    • AnnMarie Landry

      he screwed me with a ford 8 month after i got it i had to inspected and
      it didnt pass too 600 dollars to fix it and when i called the lady told
      me it was not her problem anymore i fought with them for weeks and never
      got anywhere

      • Terri Jones

        I got a car from them and in less than 9 weeks the engine blew. When I called to talk to their main mechanic he flat out said well maybe you learned your lesson about buying used cars.. it’s your problem not ours. I also found out same car had the wrong size alternator in it!

        • Stephanie Hatch Lavadinho

          Their head mechanic was a jerk to me as well when the alternator went

  • Aimee

    They’ve been doing this for years. They just change the name of the business every once in a while. It’s been there under two or three different names in the three years I’ve been back in Maine. It used to be Bumper To Bumper until they got a bad reputation under that name.

    • jason larrabee

      Yeah i have a suv from there now and the front end is about to fall out and they wouldn’t go good for it and i have for kids that ride in it that shows how much they care about people not one bit do they care so i have topay for that and the payments at 400 bucks a mouth for the next two years but at it won’t happen to someone else again i hope 12.000 bucks and can’t even use it nice cars there not

      • Old Nam Warrior

        stop paying and contact the AG’s office

        • Terri Jones

          I did that but the AG office told me that I couldn’t stop making payments that I originally agreed to pay.

      • chixiegirl42

        call the state dmv and let them come look at the vehicle will give them for their case and maybe also get you out of the contract

  • Chris Farley

    Woo hoo !!! About time ! He has been ripping off people for a long time ! I have towed many of his vehicles that were junk !

  • Eric Stinson

    Bout time the useless pukes get sued. It has been a long time coming. They are a big time joke and never have followed thru with there word.

  • rog

    He got me one time when I was in school I got a truck 14 day plates an no striker motor let go 2 days after buying it an they took it back was a run around I sad I’ll pay my payments to him when fixt he told me to consider it repoed

    • miranda

      Mine didnt evem last a week after i bought it. bad wheel barrons and a blown motor….and they drove it out of town for a sticker!!!! How can you not tell??? Then they kept my vehicle for almost 2 months and put me behind in my payments!!!!

  • joe mcgowan

    about time they done something about this guy.

  • jr05

    Good he sold me a car with a salvage title and wouldn’t go good on the finance company helped me out and went after him for the money

  • Wanda Flagg Dunphy

    yea, just got my car in Jan. and just 4 days had to get a boost to start it, took it in and was told “it’s electrical and nothing we can do for you and to get a new battery and if that don’t work contact the dealer” Hello, aren’t they the dealer?

  • Tracy Quimby

    we went there my daughter was without a car and started college her car broke down we went in bought and paid way too much for a Jeep cuz we have no credit since we have done nothing but struggle ! We had to put tires on immediately 2 months later a starter then the alternator then the power steering rack then the exhaust then tye rod ends and a universal joint plus both fuel straps after a month of having it cuz they were rusted through !We are good people but were stuck in a spot for our child to get to school . I have struggled to keep it on the road for her and keep the payments current at the same time !I just wish when salesmen sale you these vehicles they could be somewhat honest and have compassion for other human beings !

  • Jason Urquhart

    he will open under someone else’s name

  • Someone sick of listening to b

    Funny that none of you seem to be taking on any of the blame yourself. I mean unless he held a gun to your head and force you to buy the vehicle then yeah I could see blaming him for it. Why wouldn’t you have it inspected by a third party Before making that kind of inexpensive commitment. Or you the type of people that would do something like go buy clothes and hope that they fit And then return them to the store and blame the sales person because they didn’t fit. And I guess it beats the alternative of walking Since clearly none of you have a piss hole in a snow bank and couldn’t get a car loan anywhere else. Just remember that you accepted the car at the time You sign the paperwork committing to Buying the car Did you not go out onto the lot and pick it out I mean its not like when you go in there they assign you a car and thats the only one that you can buy Every car has wear and tear even brand new ones. It’s not his fault that you guys are poor and have no credit and can’t afford to keep up with your car payments as well as repair bills. And I mean if you didn’t find the cars that he had their acceptable you could have o I don’t know gone to another dealership or something Oh yeah that’s right nobody else to tell you guys a car in the first place. But yeah go ahead stop paying for a vehicle that smart make your credit even worse you’re sure to get a new car that way dumbasses

    • jejofan1

      oh and you probably are him or a family member that thinks its okay to screw people over~ whether a person has good credit or poor credit does not give these crooks the right to screw someone over and they should be shut down for good

      • becky

        most likely…they signed up just to comment on this article…they haven’t made any other comments..its not obvious or anything!!

    • Sarah Niles

      Screw you, Glenn. No one else in this state would defend these practices, so I know it’s you…douchebag..

    • jason larrabee

      They had the car till i got the first payment kind of heard to back out then

      • Seth Armstrong

        Yeah, thats another thing he likes to do. Get you all signed up and ready to start paying, but keep your vehicle for 1-2 weeks for “maintenance” which never seems to fix anything… So you’re stuck making payments on a vehicle you don’t even have, all for it to sit around on his lot receiving no attention at all.

        • chixiegirl42

          probably stealing parts off it for another vehicle

    • doughboy75

      That’s one of the stupidest things I have ever read.MORON

    • me

      I think the only dumbass is you! Glen is nothing but a scum bag and should never be allowed to sell or have anything to do with selling vehicles or anything else ever. He is nothing but a crook!!!!! I have worked on many of his vehicles and the majority of them should have been scrapped!

    • chixiegirl42

      not everyone can be as perfect as you I guess.

    • chixiegirl42

      and karma is a wonderful thing lol lol lol

    • Laura

      Just because people are poor and have bad credit doesn’t mean they deserve to have someone screw them over even more. You don’t know the circumstances as to why they might be in a difficult situation. I walk into a store and buy a product and expect it to fulfill the reason why I’m buying it 100% and not break after a few months. Buying clothes is absolutely nothing like buying a car and the fact that you made that comparison makes you sound like a slimy car salesman. I walk into a store and buy a shirt and it doesn’t fit? I’m out $20 bucks if I don’t feel like exchanging it. I buy a car from someone that I trust will give me something that will last for longer than six months-1 year? I’m out thousands of dollars and they’re putting me even further into the poor house because not only am I paying for a junker, I once again have NO car and need to spend money to get it fixed or get a new one. I work in the retail business too and I would NEVER sell my customers anything that wouldn’t satisfy them 100%. It’s called being a good business person and taking care of your customers, and being an all around decent human being. I hope this slimeball is shutdown for good, or at least his reputation as a car “salesman” is ruined. If not, then karma’s a you-know-what.

    • Marilee Page

      I disagree. I have never purchased a car from him but I can say that while your statements may be true for some that is probably not the surcumstance for all. Many young people don’t have bad credit they just have no credit and no one to co sign for them. They may be naive to the nuances of buying a car and may not know they should have it checked by a third party. Or perhaps can’t afford down payment excise tax and a trip to a mechanic. There’s a lot to be said for the pressure cooker that is a car dealership and those in the moment decisions a con artist can pressure someone into making. Yes, I do agree with you sir to a point, Fool me twice, certainly shame on me but fool me once Shame on him!!! And unfortunately he’s got an endless supply of young people with minimal job prospects in this state who are desperate to get a vehicle so they can get to college classes and hopefully earn a better life for themselves or get to a job which in this beautiful, rural state of ours more often than not requires a good set of wheels.So I say to you sir, do not judge the many by the mistakes of a few. And that is my soap box rant for the day.

  • jejofan1

    well its about time these crooks got whats coming to them! I hope they get shut down!

  • Adam Bradley

    We got a 98 Durango from him & lost the tranny 2 months after buying it, along with the exhaust, tie rod, broken sway bar link and too much to list. The $800 warranty that came with it was completely useless and I couldn’t even get the money back from the warranty, it ended up $2400 to rebuild the tranny and the only reason I did it was so I didn’t ruining my credit anymore. Glad to see the scum bag is getting what he deserves. It took 2 weeks to track down the right people to get him fine for inspecting an unsafe vehicle, if it makes anyone feel better they find him $5000 for inspecting our Piece of junk.

  • Cha Boi

    While they’re at it, can the issues of his television commercials be addressed? Disturbing the peace? Disorderly conduct? Public nuisance? Some, if not all, of these apply…

    • jellybean

      YES PLEASE! We mute our tv when he comes on…just like nails on a chalkboard!!!!

  • Tammy Sweetland

    My brother got taken to the cleaner on a truck from them with a bad transmission and a broken frame.

  • HBruner

    About Darned time!!! He tried to screw me but I had a friend who worked as a State Inspector to make sure garages, dealerships etc are doing proper inspections and repairs, who got me my car fixed for free by the owner, and made him give me a check…I don’t see why the state doesn’t pay closer attention to shysters such as Glen…My car’s engine ended up going shortly after my husband die, and I wasn’t able to get it fixed..luckily my husband and I had just bought a GOOD quality used car from Downeast Toyota in Brewer so I wasn’t without a vehicle for my job.

  • Someone sick of listening to b

    I am a 27 year old woman that has a low Tolerance for dumb ppl. My point is they read the paperwork signed it and left with a car THEY PICKED OUT!! They should have had it look over by a third party. To advanced thinking for someone that doesnt get the fact that if you dont pay your bills you dont get a loan. I wouldnt buy anything from there but then again i can get a loan if i want one.

    • Justin Russell

      He doesn’t let it leave the lot until you sign the paperwork. You can NOT get it looked at by a third party before hand

    • Brian Kennedy

      Then why bother reading or commenting on anything. Everyone has the right to there opinion. Its part of our rights. Just saying. I bought a car form his lot. but I am not going to complain . I got what I got. Thats all I have to say.

    • Stephanie Hatch Lavadinho

      WOW JUDGEMENTAL MUCH??? What gives you the right to sit on your high horse and judge others???? Ever heard of being young and making mistakes or having an ex spouse who put your credit in the toilet my point is crap happens!!! And as far as glen the snake he is good at targeting people who need a car !! You might want to try some compassion instead of being so judgemental

  • Justin Russell

    We got a vehicle from him. Got it home and found that the passenger door didn’t open and you couldn’t lock the car. We called the very day we got it. “It’s not our issue.” was the reply. Anything that has gone wrong with it, we have saved the paperwork. Now that the state is seeking civil suit, it is just a matter of time before people file a class action suit against him. Keep those receipts for repairs people… They will come in handy then

    • Guest

      I concur with this lady’s statement everyone who ever purchased a car from him threw My Maine Ride,Bumper2Bumper,Bangor Care should file class action lawsuit and seek financial and legal remedy..

  • pame51

    he got me too

  • jose’

    Every single comment on this is riddled with horrible grammar.

  • chixiegirl42

    we had a car at our garage that had just got inspected by them and just bought but began to have issues. when it was on the lift there were three welded areas that were extremely unsafe and the brakes were very bad. We called the state police and they came up and told us the car was not to leave the garage and contacted them to come tow it out of our garage. I am sure this caused them a problem. Karma is always good preying on desperate people is always a bad thing.

  • chixiegirl42

    my advice to any one that has purchased a vehicle from this dealer recently with a good sticker have a mechanic put it on a lift and look it over. If the mechanic finds things please have him write it up so you can send a copy to the attorney generals office also the BBB also take a picture of the sticker numbers cause if there are problems they can go after the person whom inspected it they to are at fault

  • Buddy Tiger

    lock him up

  • Patrick Irwin Burgess

    Lock him up and throw away the key! Let him “Come join the party!” in jail! I’m sure there’s more than a few folks he screwed over in the old hoosegow!

  • Kelli Ramsdell

    I bought a car from them in 2009 and it is still running 2 years after the payments were done being made. In the whole time I’ve had the car, I have had to put maybe $2000 worth of maintenance into it. In 2009 the car I bought was already 8 years old and had 98,000 miles. I was desperate for a car when I bought it, but in no way was I forced into buying a car that I did not want. I’m not saying he’s an angel as I have heard plenty of horror stories, but I do feel that everyone is accountable for their own actions. I’m pretty sure everyone knew it was buyer beware when you went there.

  • Brad

    I feel really bad for all of those who were taken advantage of by Glen. This thread has a lot different opinions which is great because a discussion is just that. It allows you to express your opinion. That being said, I think that this man should be brought to justice and shut down. Also, for all that have bought a vehicle from Glen, I believe this experience is a great life lesson for you. If you ever hear, “No money down” or “Don’t pay for 12 month,” realize that most of the time there is a catch. I sympathize with the argument that you needed a vehicle to get to school or work or whatever. Personally I’ve been without a vehicle for about a year. I get it. My point is, nothing in life is this “easy.” If you expected to get an amazing vehicle with bad or zero credit, common sense says there probably is a catch. I think that this man is a crook and justice will prevail. But I think for all of you that bought a vehicle from him, this will be an experience you will remember and a mistake you probably won’t make again. Bottom line, be smart when you are committing thousands of dollars into anything. This can apply to college, housing, vehicles, etc. I hope all that were ripped of by Glen can get satisfaction in the fact that he’s being sued and will also take something away from this experience.

  • Angel Commeau West

    Glenn Geiser needs to be stopped immediately! He is nothing but a con artist

  • Angel Commeau West

    Glenn Geiser needs to be stopped! He is the biggest con artist! I bought a used Saturn SW from Bumper to Bumper in Brewer. I had so many problems with this car it wasn’t funny. Ove

  • Alicia Rawley

    I bought my daughter a car from there…it broke down six times in less than 3 months. He refused to fix anything or to take it back. Told him to come get the piece of crap and he did. Two months later I had almost $9,000.00 on my credit report as a repossession! He should be made repay all the people he has robbed. There is a reason we all went there, we can’t afford the usual means to buy cars. Then to have a jackass like this taking advantage of our financial situations is reprehensible!!! Nail him to wall and get justice for all us “little” people that couldn’t afford lawyers to sue him for ourselves!!!

  • Kelley


    • Darrell

      you didnt learn the FIRST time????sheesh..

  • Shane

    We recently got a Cadillac from there and we put 600 down. I wanted to see how they really there