Music Enthusiasts Make Noise to Cancel Sound 

Music enthusiasts made a lot of noise in Hampden Thursday night, in effort to sound proof a room.

Parents organized a fundraiser at Reeds Brook Middle School.

Attendees enjoyed refreshments and a performance by The Brian Nadeau Big Band.

Director of bands at Reeds Brook Middle School, Becky Mallory, said, “We have smart music, which is a fantastic software program where kids can interact with the computer and it gives them scores and they can learn on their own and we can’t have them using that while I’m running rehearsal and it gives them individualized instruction that they might need, that they’re not getting in a large group.”

Proceeds will help the music department pay for renovations needed to sound proof a practice space at the school.

Sound proofing the room could cost thousands.

Organizers say, they’ll see what they’re able to accomplish based on the money collected Thursday.