Love and Money- Do They Mix? 


Valentine’s day is coming. It’s a day to let people you love know how special they are to you. Don’t mix love with money. But you don’t need to use buckets of cash to demonstrate your affection.

We act irrationally- When it comes to money we often act irrationally. We know we aren’t saving enough and we don’t do anything to change that. We know we shouldn’t spend so much and yet we do. So don’t spend what you know you shouldn’t spend on Valentine’s day ‘love,’ because that isn’t real love.

St. Valentine – Though there are many stories, the one that has stood for hundreds of years is that in a time of irrationality, Valentine suggested commitment would be a better route than the chaos of the day. Here’s where you can be an imitator of that good as you choose kind commitment to friends or your special someone over chaos and irrationality.

The best gift – Thoughtful acts would be very good gifts! Whether for a friend or someone special, a card or letter expressing how much you value the relationship and how difficult life would be without them is a free and wonderful gift. A framed picture of a fun time together, instead of just a picture on your phone, will bring a smile with every glance. Give the gift of time by sending them away for time free of responsibilities either alone or with you by arranging babysitting.

You’re never going to be able to show your love with money, and that wouldn’t be rational anyway. So show your commitment with kindness and thoughtful acts this Valentine’s Day.


Irrational –

Marion Syversen, MBA
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