Annual Egg Ride Gets Messy

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 12 months ago

Saturday was the annual Egg Ride benefiting Pine Tree Camp. Local celebrities, including a few familiar faces from TV5 ride snowmobiles wearing snow suits filled with raw eggs. You can imagine how messy this can get!

TV5 Photojournalist, Kenn Tompkins takes us behind the scenes of the annual fundraiser.


  • candy

    Love the idea of fund raisers….hate the wasting of food when there are so many that go hungry in MAINE. Surely you can come up with another way to raise money besides wasting perfectly good food!!!!

    • Adam MacDonald

      The eggs used are not fit for human consumption (they’re expired or “rejects”)


      • candy

        I’m sure that’s not general knowledge; therefore setting a bad example, especially to our youth.

        • Jennifer Libby Mitchell

          are you serious????? These volunteers raised over $40,000 dollars to send handicapped children to a camp they love. You have nothing better to do than berate them for broken eggs!?!?!?

          • candy

            As I stated previously-I love the idea of fundraising for the Pine Tree Camp (having 2 autistic nieces and 1 nephew and know the value of
            a camp such as PTC), just not the activity. Just my opinion.

  • Mostly Autism

    Wonderful story, wonderful cause! My son is 18, and has been going to PTC since he was in elementary school. It’s the one place in the world where he can be independent and I know he’s safe, he’s happy, and –not least of all– he’s respected for all he has to offer. PINE TREE CAMP IS AWESOME!